Aluminum and zinc prototype casting services to meet time critical demands

Aluma Cast specializes in aluminum and zinc prototype castings that accurately simulate the die cast production process for your specific part. We offer a unique blend of metallurgical engineering expertise in prototype casting with craftsmanship in metal castings. The result is expertise you can lean on to get the job done right, and timely delivery of finished prototype castings.

Fast turnaround on all aluminum and zinc prototype castings. Our lean production system means that work on your order begins the moment we receive your drawings or CAD files. There is no stacking of orders nor lag time.

For Design Engineers — In our site you will find helpful Prototype Casting Tips, a Prototyping Checklist, a Prototype Casting Designers Guide and other information that reflects accumulated wisdom and lessons learned from the school of hard knocks. All are presented here to help you avoid career limiting decisions, to make your job a little less stressful, and to consider Aluma Cast for your next prototype casting project.

Pros and cons of different prototype casting processes

As product cycle times continue to decrease, it is obvious that in order to compete in today’s marketplace, manufacturers need to shorten new product development time to protect their market share. Learn more about why it is so important to understand the requirements of your prototype and how this can help your supplier provide you with a proven prototype design.

Aluma Cast Foundry is ISO 9001:2015 certified for manufacturing and distribution of specialty aluminum, brass and zinc prototypes for use in various industries.

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