From CAD file to Finished Castings in aluminum, zinc and bronze

Image of a complex prototype aluminum casting of an engine component

Your partner in a successful prototype program
Aluma Cast offers a unique blend of artistry in metals and engineering expertise. The result is a deep appreciation and understanding of the designer's work and the challenges he faces. Knowing that design changes are integral to the design/prototyping process, we make every effort to work with you to allow for changes in order to achieve a successful final product.

CAD Files
We can work with any of the commercially accepted design programs.

The mechanical properties of parts cast with the same material but using different processes will produce differing results. Proper alloy and process selections are crucial to viable prototypes. The knowledge and skills we provide will assure you of a successful outcome.

Casting Processes
You decide what end result you want and we will guide you to the process that will get you there. Here are some of the prototyping casting processes we use to achieve the success you are looking for. Precision Sand, Investment Casting, "Quick Dies", Hog-Outs.

Secondary services
Aluma Cast provides turnkey prototyping services. We can deliver to you finished parts including secondary machining, painting and coating.

Low Volume Production
Sometimes production requirements are not high enough to justify the production of expensive tooling, or you require interim production during the construction of permanent tooling. In either case Aluma Cast can help meet your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.